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Home Balloon Decor Products Gallery Contact us

Balloon Décor | Cosmo Balloons

New Designs

Balloon Decorating

3D Bunches
Is excellent for decorating an area or to use as a center piece
3 Balloons incl, Ribbons & Weight

Gift Wrapping

Designer Bunches
Great for decorating an area or to use as a center piece.
Bunches with 7 balloons including weights and ribbons.

Fantasy Clouds
For decorating an area or to use as a center piece.

All insiders are helium filled.

Topiary Ball
Excellent as a centerpiece or as a gift! Incl. stick and bucket (as seen in picture).

30” Clusters

Hot air balloon
Helium Filled ~ideal for centre pieces / Gifts

Balloon Flowers
Air filled or helium flowers. Great for parties or when spring is in the air.

Balloon Arches
Perfect for entrances, marathons, stages and promotional areas.
Maximum of 4 colours for spiral arches.
Standard size arch 2.5m x 3m, but we can beat any size!

Balloon Draping
Balloon strings draped under ceilings / roofs. Maximum of 4 colours per string.

Air Filled Clusters

Balloon Pillars
Ideal for decorating, promotions, entrances etc.
Maximum colours: 4

Balloon Art
Air-filled balloons on a frame. Great for themes and to be noticed!


Baby Showers
Air Filled or Helium Dummies

Balloon Bouquets
For special deliveries.
Balloon Bouquets are inflated with Helium and placed on a weight.
Latex & Foil balloons are used.

Balloon Printing
Send us your logo
Takes 10 working days
Minimum order for balloon printing: 100
The more you print, the less it costs!

Balloon releases
Great for outdoor events, announcements, sporting events etc.
Balloons are helium filled and secured in a release net.
Minimum order of 500 balloons. The more balloons, the more captivating!

Balloon drops
The Balloons are filled with air and secured in a suspended balloon drop net.
The roof needs to be at least 5m or higher.
Minimum order: 500 balloons.

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